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OFFICE DESIGN FREE OF NOISE   #USING GLASS PARTITIONS AND ACOUSTICS   Acoustics in the office - functionality and design Acoustics is becoming increasingly popular. It is not only about sound absorption. Depending on the purpose of the space, the objective may be different. In conference rooms, we should pay...


#When less is more
Minimalism in the workplace will enable you to get rid of what overwhelms you the most and inhibits you from developing your full potential. Research has shown that distractions in the workplace reduce productivity by 40% and increase mistake rate by 27%.


Healthier work
The sedentary lifestyle that comes with our modern-day life concerns all people. We spend more than 13 hours per day sitting still. And we relax in a passive way. Sitting still negatively impacts our health. We should be aware that we need to exercise and should break up with our sitting positions in the office. 
Minimalism, simplicity, ergonomics and functionality – these are the features of a modern-style office. This solution will work well for most sectors, but most importantly it will prevent employee burnout.
Titan Office Furniture has equipped the private meeting & conference spaces of Hogar Coffee, the new all day spot in Nicosia on Stavrou Avenue.
Continuing its successful course, TITAN OFFICE presents a complete line of Executive office desks of high aesthetics and unparalleled manufacturing quality.