About This Project

The IDEA series is the absolute solution for educational rooms and auditoriums. It can also be used for other applications (e.g. sports stadiums). Modern and timeless covers even the future needs! Combining modern materials like steel and aluminium with classics like wood and fabric creates ergonomic systems for long lasting events or work. Placed either on steps or on flat rooms gives always an amazing result.



One or two seats system, with or without table, on metal bar, with one side metal supporting frame for every system and one more at the end of each row.

In case of Anti-Panic table the side metal supporting frame is inserted between two successive seats and the end of each row finishes with an additional side frame.

The seat tilts automatically facilitated by a special cetrnal sliding mechanism housed in an aluminium case.

The steel frame is constructed according to the floor’s geometry and is anchored for stability.

The customer can select the upholstery from our wide fabric range. Other fabric collections are available upon request.

All fabrics and foams comply with European or other Flammability Standards.

The chair is certificated according to the ΕΝ 12717 level 4 standard.

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Education & Seminar, Office Chairs