About This Project

By using the solutions from the Sileo line, you can take care of users’ÿacoustic comfort.  The diversity of panels and walls allows you to section off workstations and successfully ensure employees’ acoustic isolation.

Spending time in a place filled with constant noise causes problems with concentration and decreases employees  efficiency.  A lot of people working together in a small space, ringing telephones and conversations held in a passageway not only distract from work, but also have a highly negative influence on working conditions.  Taking into consideration the increase in the number of noise sources and their diversity in contemporary offices, we should pay special attention to acoustic aspects and not only visual ones when designing a space.

The use of acoustic solutions from Sileo panels line not only helps reduce the echo effect in a particular room, but also allows for creating a unique and cosy place that gives employees the feeling of acoustic comfort.  The implementation of solutions that help us improve the comfort of working and reduce surrounding noise is becoming as important as the need to create a practical and functional space which is beautiful at the same time.

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Partitions & Acoustics, Sound Absorption