Office Cubes


S Cube

It is the perfect brainstorming room in an open space. Excellent sound insulation values up to guarantee a concentrated work environment. Noises from and to the exterior are shielded. Whiteboard wall allow employees to showcase their thinking, share ideas and brainstorm

M Cube

It is an ideal room solution for director or manager office. Its good sound insulation guarantees confidentiality, and the acoustically effective surfaces provide pleasant room acoustics. It can be optionally equipped with power and data cables to satisfy employee needs.

L Cube

The lounge provides you with the opportunity to change the landscape and the place to relax, and being able to retreat to a comfortable seating area can help reduce work pressure while increasing creativity and productivity.  Felt surfaces and the optional use of textiles provide for a cozy working atmosphere and pleasant room acoustics

It can be optionally equipped with monitors and data cables to make it a multimedia or video-conference room.

Technical Specifications & Details


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