Our Projects

Beautiful and functional furniture has been chosen such as Workstations with acoustic desk screens, acoustic wall and suspended panels, Phone booths, ergonomic chairs and Booth for meetings in carefully selected colour combinations.

Employees’ Wellness

AON Solutions Ltd

The concept was to create a modern working environment with acoustic comfort where functionality meets the performance. A space that will support, motivate and inspire employees and increase their efficiency and satisfaction.

Ergonomics & Feel


Another project has been successfully delivered by the TITAN OFFICE team as they have been requested to equip with office furniture the Management Office Space for the METROPOLIS MALL @ LARNACA.

Managerial desks, Reception desks, Conferences, Workstations, Chairs and Lockers have been included during the project design and installation.

Multiple combinations of custom made shaped or single poufs have been used in order to create an area suitable for any use under different occasions.

Modern & Functional

American University of Cyprus

The AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF CYPRUS which was recently established at its new campus in Larnaca assigned to TITAN OFFICE the furnishing of the lounge area.

Office Space Renovation


According to the requirements of the project and the instructions from the architect, the choice of the furniture should satisfy both the aesthetics and the functionality of the space, contributing to the development of the well-being and performance of the employees.

A wide selection of Executive Desks, Workstations, Chairs, and floor to Ceiling double glass partitions had been selected carefully so as to deliver the desired result successfully.

We used ergonomic chairs to support comfort and the well-being of employees.

Comfort & Well-Being


The open space furniture arrangement is always a challenging project as certain requirements need to be satisfied. It’s a place where employees must be able to fully concentrate on their tasks but at the same time the collaboration and communication with other colleagues are equally important to their daily performance.

Prestige & Imposingness


An executive office space is a place where every office furniture must highlight the personality and the status of the executive member. The design and the selection of top materials for both desks and chairs are important factors to be satisfied, therefore our proposal with the PRESIDENT model was the perfect choice for our client.

The straight lines and the robust construction of the newly designed PRESIDENT desk contribute to the creation of a professional space with prestige and imposingness.

With a seating capacity of 7.198, it is the newest stadium in Cyprus.



Titan Office Furniture has been addressed twice to supply the AEK Arena stadium seats at first and then the VIP SEATS under specific technical instructions and specifications.

Open plan design & furniture supply


TITAN OFFICE was called upon to design a modern and functional office space with solutions tailored to NEXTERS ability to combine aesthetic characteristics and ergonomy of an inspirational place that would deliver a feeling of relaxation and recreation to its employees. A cosy working environment where employees have healthy and comfortable conditions to perform their tasks.

An exclusive and comprehensive range of products have been supplied by TITAN OFFICE including Workstations, Phone Booths, Acoustic Sofas, Pouffes, Office Chairs, Office Desks, Kitchen Stools and Chairs.

The design is characterised by clear, sleek lines with no fuss or clutter: black, white and grey are the dominant colours. The office reflects the unmistakable style of the company – not just visually, but also in its versatility.

Slick & Modern


The customer premises feature more than 100 workstations, plenty of scope for creativity, and numerous options for meetings. This major project used a wide range of TITAN products to create an environment that meets all the requirements of modern styles of work.

Simplicity & Functionality


Simplicity and functionality were the key requirements for this project.  A collection of the most suitable furniture such as sofa, reception, workstations, and ergonomic chairs was selected by the TITAN Team, fulfilling the whole concept requirements.

Furthermore, adding aesthetic characteristics resulted in the creation of an ideal office space that supports the efficiency of the entire organization, as well as ensuring the comfort of each employee.

The use of black and red has
given a new dimension to space

Complete change


Titan Experts designed from scratch the offices of HF Markets, the leader in Forex Companies. Check out our project.

Ambience and comfort


A touch of purple has transformed the internal spaces of The Breast Center. Check out one of our most beautiful projects.

Purple, comfortable chairs
in a great setting

Efficient, open space offices are maximizing
the productivity of the employees

Brand new and original


Open office spaces, filing and storage systems, meeting rooms, all designed and furnished by Titan Office.

Wooden Luxury


Wood has been providing a sense of luxury for Auditworld and Titan Office provided the solution.

Wood is a tricky material
if you don’t utilize it appropriately

Modern auditorium

Studying done right


Auditorium design and seating is a specialty of Titan Office and the applications in the University of Cyprus proves it.

Another look


Transparent, glass-tempered desks match with glass partitions and provide a modern, refreshing look.

Open office space has gotten a new, updated look
with glass tempered desks

giving the university
a new modern look

Reception and auditorium


The spaces of KES College have been upgraded and modernized by Titan Office.

New offices, new look


Lead Capital Markets have a new modern look, with a splash of colour

maximizing productivity and
the efficiency of Lead Capital Markets staff