Stylish and functional, the Luxe chairs are fitted with a nylon mesh headrest, backrest and seat to support effective work and eliminate fatigue and discomfort. Good ventilation of the back area, ergonomic design and a comfortable wide seat make the Luxe a fully functional work tool.

Luxe offers a wide range of adjustment options, as well as the option to add additional capabilities, to guarantee long-lasting and remarkable comfort.

Product Specifications 

  1. Black nylon fiberglass chair body, equipped with nylon mesh, belt.
  2. Movable headrest 
  3. Ergonomic elastic lumbar support.
  4. PU armrest surface 3D lifting armrest 6-level lifting.
  5. Equipped with four-speed wire control locking self-supporting chassis, with sliding seat plate dynamic function.
  6. ANSI/BIFMA X5.1
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