Office chairs that are distinguished by their ergonomic design, advanced operating mechanisms, and high aesthetics. Tullio chairs meet every ergonomic, technological, and aesthetic requirement. They encourage proper body posture and promote workplace health. They promote mental and physical well-being while increasing worker efficiency and productivity

Product Specifications 

  1. High Density Moulded Sponge Seat
  2. Seat Height Adjustment 
  3. Synchro mechanism 
  4. Adjustable Lumbar Support
  5. Tension Weight Balance Mechanism
  6. Breathable Mesh Back
  7. Adjustable Mesh Headrest
  8. PU 2D Adjustable Armrests
  9. Nylon base, Ø680mm
  10. EN 1335-1, EN 1335-2, EN 1335-3

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