Wall Panels


Wall Panels


Formo is a line of light, felt decorative products with acoustic properties.

Formo I – panels with irregular pentagon shape, dimensions: 518 × 361 mm, thickness 43 mm

Formo II – square panels with 3D pattern, dimensions: 450 × 450 mm, thickness 60 mm

Formo III – panel with diamond shape, dimensions: 398 × 675 mm, thickness 43 mm.


Formo curtains are decorative elements, functioning as informal space dividers.

Curtain module finish options:

  • thermoformed felt
  • thermoformed felt laminated with Hush fabric


Diverse types of panels absorb low, middle and high frequencies, which makes it possible to select panels appropriate for a particular type of space. The combination of all panel types gives the optimal improvement in the office space acoustics.

Light, frameless construction. Made of HDF board, thickness 2,5 mm, with full board back part, and perforated front part. Covered with fire retardant foam with high acoustic properties

Thickness: 20 mm, 50 mm and 80 mm (depending on panel type), density 50-60 kg / m3.

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