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Capabilities, flexibility, and adaptability are the primary characteristics that empower furnishing contemporary working environments with severe elegance and efficiency.

A functional and modern workstation with neat and precise lines. Amanthus takes the lead in providing workplaces with maximum precision and functionality, while also configuring and customizing any work environment.

Product Specifications

Melamine worktops: 25mm with 1.3mm thick edge profiles. 

Available as a wooden base in 25mm thick melamine with 1.3mm thick edge profiles.

Optional modesty panel: made in 18mm thick melamine or MDF finishes with 1.3mm edge profiles, fixed on a metal angle under the working top.

Optional horizontal wire management with the use of a metal cable channel with fixed brackets to the working top.

Acoustic dividing panels complement the workstations to provide offices with actual acoustic comfort and create visually attractive compositions.

Structure and front panels are made of 18mm thick melamine with 1.3mm thick edge profiles.

Available with 3 drawers and a pencil case in the top drawer or with 3 drawers and an additional pencil drawer.


BS ΕΝ 527-1:2011

BS ΕΝ 527-2:2011

BS ΕΝ 17030:2012

BS ISO 21016:2007

BS EN 14073-2:2004

BS EN 14073-3:2004

BS EN 14074:2004

Warranty: 5 years

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