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Office space can have a positive impact on the atmosphere in the workplace and support the growth of social relationships. The right layout is the secret to success.

Play and Work can be used in relaxation and informal meeting areas, as well as a quiet place for concentrated work due to their high, upholstered panels.

Product Specifications

  1. Upholstered panels reduce noise, ensuring no distractions by external noises while having conversations, and can create a convenient meeting place inside any space.
  2. It will fit perfectly in a waiting room, reception area, meeting room, or any other space you wish to create.
  3. The extensive palette of finish colors and options allows for nearly infinite configurations and rearrangements.
  1. Integrated table
  2. A distinctive design
  3. Comfortable seat
  4. Media port
  5. Characteristic stitching
  6. Possibility to combine different upholstery colors on single module


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